Technology in Our Practice

Technology in Our Practice

Dental technology has advanced a great deal in recent years, and we’ve definitely kept up with the times!

Access to better technology helps us to help you, using the latest and most up-to-date advances in order to be certain you’re getting the most precise and accurate diagnoses.

Our technology includes:

Intraoral cameras - Intraoral cameras are tiny devices that do a big job! These pen-sized cameras provide excellent zoom and image quality, which means the pictures we take of the inside of your mouth can be made to show the tiniest detail, without discomfort to you. These highly-accurate and detailed images help us to get all the information necessary in order to make a better treatment plan. We can also show you the images, so you know exactly what we’re referring to when we discuss your options.

Digital x-rays - no more bitewings! Digital x-rays are a welcome leap forward in diagnostic imaging. Not only are they more comfortable for the patient, but they use up to 90% less radiation! In addition to those benefits, it also gives us better and more detailed images than the old x-rays. Digital x-rays use a small sensor to take the images and transmit them to a computer, where they can be further enlarged and zoomed for the best detail.

Panoramic x-rays provide an image of the entire mouth. Before this advance, we would have had to take a number of different x-rays and put them together as best we could. Now, the panoramic x-ray gives us the entire image at once, and they are quicker and more comfortable into the bargain! The comprehensive image is available within seconds, and allows us to see the entirety of the mouth and jaw with no interruptions or uncertainty.

Cephalometric x-rays provide a digital image of the entire side of the face and skull. From the Greek word for “head”, these x-rays allow the dentist to see the whole side of the face at once, so that the cheekbones and jaw are all visible. Cephalometric x-rays are invaluable for planning orthodontic work as well as diagnosing TMJ disorders and bite issues.

3D CT Scans - dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) scans are another type of x-ray, this time providing a three-dimensional image of the teeth, tissues, nerves, and bone, in one single scan. This is an amazing piece of technology with a wide range of applications - from orthodontics to dental implant placement to tumour detection and more. The 3D CT scan is the most advanced imaging device available.

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