Fort Saskatchewan Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Fort Saskatchewan Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal in Fort Saskatchewan is performed by the quality professional team at Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

“Wisdom teeth” are the last molars to develop on either side of the jaw, normally making their appearance between the ages of 16 and 20. If the teeth are in a good position and otherwise healthy, they can be left in the jaw. However, for many people, these last molars don’t fit in their jaws, and end up causing problems.

When a wisdom tooth begins to come through but there is no space in the jaw for it to emerge from the gum, it becomes impacted. Just as the term suggests, this means the tooth has no place to move. The wisdom tooth, in these cases, will end up either moving somewhere it shouldn’t (e.g. sideways) or becoming trapped, which leads to pain, infection, and even damage to the surrounding teeth and jaw. For this reason, if a wisdom tooth is impacted, we will recommend extraction.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a routine procedure, and most patients have a rapid recovery. Under sedation, we will remove the impacted teeth and stitch the gums. You can expect some pain and swelling, but good home care will go a long way towards making certain you heal quickly. If there are any follow-up issues, we will help you with our normal speed and reliability.

It’s up for debate if these last molars actually bring any wisdom with them... but one thing is for certain. Trusting Urban Centre Dental Clinic with your wisdom teeth removal is definitely a smart choice!

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