Fort Saskatchewan TMJ

Fort Saskatchewan TMJ

For TMJ treatment in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, rely on Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

Persistent jaw pain, particularly when accompanied by a clicking noise in the jaw joint and changes in your bite pattern, should always be discussed with your dentist. While we all might have an occasional ache or pain, recurring jaw soreness and other symptoms can point to TMJ disorder, a common problem with varying levels of severity.

The temperomandibular joint (TMJ) is the ball-and-socket joint that connects your jaw to the sides of your skull. If you place your fingers in front of your ear and open and close your mouth, you can feel the joint’s movement. Because of the frequent use of the joint, it’s prone to developing issues, which can all be impacted by bruxism, arthritis, injury, or bite problems. Sometimes, the TMJ can even slip out of place, causing pain and difficulty using the jaw for both speaking and eating.

As the disorder can take many forms, so can the treatment. Depending on your symptoms and their severity, we may recommend a wide variety of options, from home care to jaw adjustments, bite guards, braces, or surgery. If you’ve experienced pain in your jaw or any other troubling symptoms, be sure to bring it to us right away. We’ll diagnose your condition with examination and x-rays, and recommend the treatment plan that’s right for you.

There’s no need to suffer with a sore jaw. We can help you with your TMJ symptoms, so speak up! Relief is right around the corner.

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