Fort Saskatchewan Sedation Dentistry

Fort Saskatchewan Sedation Dentistry

Fort Saskatchewan’s Urban Centre Dental Clinic offers sedation dentistry for patients with pain or anxiety issues.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen plenty of in our practice, it’s anxious patients! Fear of the dentist is incredibly common - in fact, some studies show up to 75% of us have some level of fear of the dentist! Most patients are able to calm down once they’re in the chair, but there are some who have full-blown odontophobia - a clinical phobia of dental procedures. People joke a lot about fearing the dentist, but it can be a serious problem. In its more severe forms, fear of the dentist keeps people from going to the dentist for the regular check-ups and oral hygiene, not to mention ignoring their symptoms of larger dental issues.

That’s why we offer sedation dentistry, a fantastic option for our patients who fear the dentist, or other patients who may need an extra level of pain relief or professional care. Using these sedation methods, the patient is able to undergo the procedures they need, without any of the pain or anxiety.

We offer two levels of sedation dentistry:

IV sedation

Delivered via an IV line, this sedation allows the patient to sleep through the entire procedure. Recovery time is quick, and the patient experiences no pain or anxiety while in the chair.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective form of mild sedation delivered via a mask and mixed with oxygen. The patient is instructed to breathe normally, and as the gas begins to take effect, the patient will become relaxed and calm.

Don’t avoid the dentist if you’re challenged by dental fears or a low pain threshold! With our sedation dentistry options, you can get the care you need, and leave smiling!

If you need more information about Sedation Dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan, contact us today.