Fort Saskatchewan Orthodontics

Fort Saskatchewan Orthodontics

Fort Saskatchewan’s orthodontics choices include traditional braces from Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

The practice of orthodontics involves using procedures and appliances to create a new smile, but orthodontics don’t just help your smile’s appearance. For patients with misaligned or crooked teeth, orthodontics fix the issues so that they don’t lead to jaw pain, chewing or speaking problems, or abnormal tooth wear. A beautiful new smile and fixing potential issues - orthodontics are a positive step no matter which way you look at it!

At Urban Centre Dental Clinic, we offer traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces are the most commonly-used method for orthodontics, for their reliability, effectiveness, and reasonable cost. With special add-ons like coloured brackets and elastics, metal braces can even be fun while they’re doing their work.

If you or a member of your family is in need of some orthodontic attention, we can help you create the ideal smile!

If you need more information about Orthodontics in Fort Saskatchewan, contact us today.

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