Fort Saskatchewan Guards and Bite Appliances

Fort Saskatchewan Guards and Bite Appliances

Sports guards and bite appliances in Fort Saskatchewan, AB are available from Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

Lots of things can affect our oral health - and not all of them can be solved by brushing! Participating in sports and activities are great for our overall health, but can also put you at risk for mouth and jaw injuries. And even just sleeping can cause dental issues, if you have the common problem of tooth-grinding (also known as bruxism).

Sometimes, people are unaware they grind their teeth, and taking part in physical activities is a really healthy thing to do - so how do we fix these problems? Urban Centre Dental Clinic has the answer!

Sports guards, custom-fitted for your jaw and made from flexible plastic, protects your mouth and jaw by acting as a shock absorber. When worn regularly, these comfortable guards take the force of any sudden blow, which keeps your jaw, mouth, and head from damage. If you play sports or other physical activities, a custom-made sports guard is a wise investment.

Bite appliances, also custom-made from flexible plastic, prevent you from biting down and grinding your teeth at night, the most common time for bruxism. Comfortable and effective, regular use of the bite appliance will prevent tooth wearing, cracks, and other damage to your teeth.

If you play contact sports or have noticed pain in your jaw upon waking, ask us about your options. Safety and prevention is just a fitting away!

If you need more information about Guards, Bite Appliances in Fort Saskatchewan, contact us today.