Fort Saskatchewan Endodontics

Fort Saskatchewan Endodontics

Fort Saskatchewan endodontics care is performed at Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

Endodontics is the dentistry area that treats the interior of your tooth (the “pulp”), and is more usually known as a “root canal”. Though the pulp isn't visible like the rest of our teeth, its health is just as vital. Treating issues within the pulp avoids both extensive decay and tooth loss.

Normally, the pulp becomes compromised after a cavity goes untreated. As the cavity progresses, the decay and bacteria eventually make it to the interior of the tooth and the pulp. This results in pain and infection. That's where the root canal comes in. A root canal removes that infected pulp and nerve tissue, then disinfects the empty space and fills it. In addition, a crown may be recommended to ensure the tooth structure remains strong.

Root canals are a common procedure, and they have advanced a great deal in recent years. Most patients experience the same recovery time with a root canal as with a routine filling. And we'll always treat you with the expert, compassionate care you've come to expect at Urban Centre Dental Clinic.

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