Fort Saskatchewan Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators

Fort Saskatchewan Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators

Fort Saskatchewan’s Urban Centre Dental offers Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators for the treatment of TMJ.

We are pleased to offer you Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators for the treatment of TMJ. These new and exciting options are part of our expansion of services to better serve your needs.

Botox is used to treat TMJ disorders, so it’s already no stranger to the dental office. As dental professionals, we have expert knowledge of the anatomy of the face and head, so using Botox and associated treatments for cosmetic benefit is a terrific extension! We can give the injections associated with Botox and Xeomin with the same professional skill as our other procedures.

Botox is an approved and safe procedure that can help with TMJ disorder and also has the added benefit of reducing frown lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other lines. It works by blocking nerve impulses and muscle contractions, so that wrinkles are minimized and the area is given a smoother, more relaxed appearance.

Xeomin neuromodulators also work by injection in order to reduce wrinkles and lines, and results in a relaxed and smooth look. These neuromodulators, like Botox, also have clinical advantages for some patients who suffer from various ailments like excessive sweating. The procedure is minimally invasive, takes only minutes to administer, and best of all, you can see results within just a few days!

It’s normal to experience some mild bruising or discomfort, but most patients recover extremely quickly from both of these treatments with no downtime.

If you suffer from TMJ, ask us about our new Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators treatments!

If you need more information about Botox and Xeomin Neuromodulators in Fort Saskatchewan, contact us today.